Without a good movie, the world will suffocate

Movie making

The company do professional cinema. We work from conceptualization of idea to the embodiment of it. Movie consist of pre-production + shooting process + post-production + marketing. If you have an interesting message, want to invest money or contribute in Projects at any level of product creation, MWP will help you to realize yourself. Just fulfill the form, and let’s do this together!

Clip making

MWP produce a clip making. Do you need a professional clip? We can do this. Save your time and trust the professionals. It can be your music clip or just personal. Depends on scale of your project we calculate how much and how long it will be and will do our job as quickly as possible

Short movies

Last year “MWP” together with “10 seconds short movie cinema studio” create short movie festival . If you want to shoot short movie and you have a fantastic idea, you’re welcome. You can create it with us! Just click contacts and send to us your request. You need to remember about censorship!


Good reportage is a kind of tasty salad which consist of mix of useful information, literate speech with colorful pictures behind and all of this under the sauce from talented director, cameramen and make up work! We can help you show the world that even healthy and boring food could be interesting. Fulfil the form and during a week you will receive a confirmation about time, price and conditions. Bon Appetit!

Travel blog project

Do you want to travel and take cool videos with the best cameramen? We have this service. All your travels in the hands of professionals


MoonWalker Production have everything you need for TV show: studio, graphic, designers, editors, cameramen and we are waiting only for you! Are you ready? Let’s do this!


If you need commercial video for enterprise or for yourself we can provide this service. MWP will create an idea special for you and we will realize it together!

Visual effects

Nowadays visual effects are very popular and useful tool. We can fulfill any brainchild which is in your head. Due to the green screen and special visual effects your world will come true.

We work in


We can grow up from a small idea to a new brand. We have designers, who come up with a slogan and logo, also we have managers, who can do full marketing


We could check your scripts, or write a new one! Don’t forget about censure. If you will have some mistakes, our team will give good advice how to do scenario better. Remember about MWP license, with the help of which you can create a masterpiece


From a little bug-to gigantic elephant

Education (Study)

If you want to know how to shoot and how it works, you can study with us. Depends on your skills and tasks you will have a special tutor, which will coordinate and help you during the work. Student can see all process from inside, behind the scenes.


MoonWalker Production give a special license to movies, scripts and any kind of video production. We have a very strict censure and will check all your materials thoroughly. If after the inspection there will be no strict violations MWP will give you the license with special number. That is the last step in the process which means that your movie/clip/video quality in a high level and haven`t got “dirty” things. You can use license with number in the titles of your movie.